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My name is Saddam.

I’m a creative professional with above 4 years of industry experience in Game Design, Level Design and Scripting in Unity. What makes me passionate about games is the combination of technology  and creativity, and how multiple disciplines come together to create an interactive experience. Whether I’m designing for puzzle games, 2D platformers or 3D environments

About Me

Earlier Life

Twenty-three years ago I saw the first light of day. In my early days I spent a good deal amount of time being creative, drawing and glueing all over the place. Over the years I developed a questionably healthy interest and curiosity towards computers, with video games in particular. I was always wondering how they were made, and spent more time in level editors than playing the actual games. That curiosity turned me into what I am today, a creative professional yet still eager to learn more tricks of the trade.


In 2019 I received my bachelor's degree in computer science at the UMT University of Management And Technology. That was just the start as I had to keep improving myself as the industry moved forward. A very welcome challenger!

My Passions

it all falls within my love and passion for our medium. Since designing new experiences requires a good understanding of what the market is looking for, I make a conscious attempt to play and experience as wide a spectrum of different games as possible. Creativity does not come from idleness, rather it must be nurtured and built through a wide set of life experiences. As a creative, I am passionate about bringing the worlds I imagine to life.

My Strongest SKILLS



Born with a natural ability to lead people, manage and inspire them to meet expected goals.



I really appreciate my friends and teammates. I believe that the mutual habit of acting in the interests of the team always leads to the growth of each individual and the team as a whole.



I just have a keen sense of what a high-quality product should be. The devil is in the details.

Project Managment

Project Managment

Strategic thinking, strong analytical mindset. Decision-making. Choosing and setting goals, monitoring their implementation. Problem-solving and seeking out technical solutions.



I believe that responsibility and preciseness are very important for any business. That's why I always implement timely agreements and meet deadlines.



Finding extraordinary solutions. Thanks to my Russian mentality, I am always looking for the most effective ways forward, even if they are not seen as conventional for most people.

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you can write us on -> me@saddam.info

Post Scriptum

I respect startups and forward-thinking people. It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends and I’m always open to interesting ideas and any kind of collaboration.

So if I can help you with something – please do not hesitate to contact me!


I am always open to new interesting ideas and startups. If you need some help with your project – please do not hesitate to contact me right now!

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